Comenius-Great Britain

In November 2013 eleven students and three teachers had another chance to take part in Comenius project – “Back to the future”. Our students visited the school in Stoke-on-Trent (England).

After arriving at the London Airport we drove to the Premium Inn Hotel. It was situated in a small town – Trentham. During that day we had opportunity to meet with Dutch group because in the evening we had dinner together.


Comenius-Bordeaux in France

In May 2013, 17 students and 3 teachers visited school in Bordeaux in France. It was the first foreign visit in our Comenius project – Back to the Future. Apart from our school, Holland, France and Great Britain participate in this project.


Back to the future

In this school year we start international program “Back to the future”. Five schools from four different countries (Nederland, England, France and Poland) work together during 3 years to find out a common cultural background which will then be translated into works of art and other modern vehicles of information.

The first task for our pupils was to write a letter in which they could introduce themselves to our partners from other schools.
Each school has had a competition to produce a logo for the "Back to the future" theme.


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